Georgian Grape Varieties: A Journey of Flavors
By Chelti
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Georgian Wine Varieties

Georgia is considered one of the oldest wine regions in the world, with a rich tradition of winemaking dating back millennia. The country's unique native grape varieties impart distinctive flavors and aromas. In this article, we will explore the key Georgian grape varieties, including Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, and Kisi, and take a closer look at their flavor profiles.

Saperavi: The King of Georgian Grapes
Saperavi, often referred to as the "King of Georgian Grapes," is a red grape variety known for its deep color and full-bodied taste. The grapes are renowned for their high acidity and tannins. Saperavi wines offer notes of dark fruits like black cherries and blackberries, accompanied by pleasant spiciness. This variety thrives particularly well in the wine regions of Kakheti and Kartli.

Our cherry-red Saperavi 2020, with rich aromas of berries and plums, is popular among both wine newcomers and connoisseurs.

Rkatsiteli: The World's Oldest White Grape

Rkatsiteli is one of the world's oldest known white grape varieties. This variety yields dry white wines with refreshing acidity and notes of green apples, citrus fruits, and honey. Rkatsiteli wines are versatile and pair well with various dishes. They flourish in various wine regions, including Kakheti and Imereti.

Our Tsinandali 2021, composed of 80% Rkatsiteli and 20% Kakhuri, impresses with citrus and tropical fruit tones.

Kisi: The Grape of Qvevri Wines
Kisi is a Georgian white grape variety often fermented in traditional Qvevri (clay vessels). The wines have a fascinating texture and offer aromas of dried fruits, flowers, and spices. Kisi wines are unique in their production and are a must-try for enthusiasts of authentic Georgian wines.

Chelti Saperavi

Our amber-colored Kisi Qvevri 2020, made using traditional Kakhetian Qvevri technology, gains its robust flavors from this process.

Georgian grape varieties offer a wide range of flavors and styles that appeal to wine lovers worldwide. If you wish to explore the world of Georgian wine, be sure to taste these unique grape varieties and experience the fascinating diversity that Georgia has to offer. Cheers!


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