Georgian Wine

Georgia has a long and rich history with wine, with evidence of winemaking in the country dating back at least 8,000 years. The country’s unique winemaking method, known as the Qvevri or Kvevri method, reflects this perfectly. Dating back to the 6th millennium BC, this method has been recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Georgia.

One of the things that sets Georgia’s viticulture apart is the diversity of its wine-making regions. In most countries, wine production tends to focus on a specific region or two. This is not the case at all with Georgia where almost every part of the country is involved in this craft. This is partly due to the country’s fortunate geographic position. With its variety of microclimates and unique soil minerals, it makes for a perfect place for grape cultivation. Along with grape varieties that thrive in specific local environments, this results in the wide range of flavors that Georgian wine has to offer.Besides its diverse wine-making regions, Georgia is also home to 38 different grape varieties. These, in turn, can be combined in many different ways to create an even greater variety of flavors and aromas.

So whether you are a novice wine taster or an experienced connoisseur, Georgia has something to offer to anyone. The diversity and uniqueness of Georgian wine make it a one-of-a-kind and exciting experience for anyone interested in exploring different types of wine.